Medical Membership Program
Davam Medical Membership Program

Davam’s Medical Membership Program is a new way to get great quality healthcare at an affordable cost.  The program allows patients access to our facility and providers, at a much lower cost than the typical cash pay or high deductible visit. In house services including lab work, x-rays, laceration repair, and IV treatment are included.


Membership includes:

  • $20 Office Visits
  • In-house simple labs (Urinalysis, Flu, Strep. Etc.)
  • In-house complex labs (CBC, Cardiac enzyme test. etc.)
  • Digital X-Rays
  • IV Treatment
  • Simple Laceration Repair
  • Discounted Durable Medical Equipment (Back braces, wrist splints, ankle braces, etc.)
  • Immunizations


Number of Members Monthly Plan* Annual Plan
1 $35 $299
2 $65 $598
3 $95 $897
4 $125 $1196
Family of 5 + $150 $1495

 *$50 initial admin fee per membership

Terms and Conditions

  • I acknowledge that Davam Medical Membership is not a health insurance plan. This program does not involve insurance or qualify for evidence of healthcare coverage. Monthly payments may not be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.
  • I acknowledge that the following services are not covered by the membership plan: On-going care services including prescription refills. Outside Labs sent out to a second party company. Any services performed at an outside facility that you have been referred to. Durable medical equipment, as well as immunizations, provided in house will not be 100% covered but will have the prompt pay pricing.
  • For full terms and conditions click here