In 2015, the Urgent Care Association of America, published a national benchmark report as “the go-to resource for valuable insights and industry trends”. Davam Urgent Care strives to meet and exceed the standards set by this annual report. Below are a few of the categories in which our clinic is meeting or exceeding the expectations.

Average Wait Time

In the month of April, Davam Urgent Care’s average wait time was only 9 minutes. In 2014, 42% of patients had to wait 11-20 minutes. 6% of patients were even waiting 31-40 minutes.

Hours of Operation

Our clinic operating hours are longer than the standard set. 51% of clinics open at 9am or later on Saturdays. 53% of clinics open at 9am or later on Sundays. On weekends, 49% of clinics close before 7pm. Davam is proud to be open 8am-9pm every day, including weekends.


Average Visit Time

Our average visit time in the month of April was 49 minutes. This is the time from which a patient checks in to when they leave the clinic. In 2014, 61% of clinics reported an average time of 41-60 minutes. This puts Davam right on par with the majority of urgent care clinics in the United States. 17% of clinics had wait times longer than 60 minutes.

Number of Exam Rooms

Davam Urgent Care has 7 patient rooms. Two of which are equipped to handle higher need care including IV treatment and laceration repair. The average number of exam rooms for urgent care clinics in 2015 was 7.

Davam Urgent Care is continually striving to maintain the best standards in patient care. We are a UCAOA Certified and Accredited Center. Davam Urgent Care provides patients with walk-in, after hours medical attention with board certified medical providers for a large scope of medical conditions and have met all of the Urgent Care Association of America’s established standards and criteria for quality of patient care, safety, and scope of services. With its accreditation, Davam Urgent Care and the Urgent Care Association of America demonstrate their commitment toward providing patients with access to quality care of the highest level.

For more information on the services that our clinic has to offer please contact us at (281) 583-1980. We are located at 6022 FM 1488 Magnolia, TX 77354.